Changing the world

Personal pronouns purposefully confused.


What do you mean when you say you want to change the world?
(What world-changing project are you working on and why?)

What do you mean by ‘social change’,  ‘social purpose’, ‘social action’?
(what do these buzz-words mean? Do they help to make change (using the given project definition above) possible, are they useful? If so, how, why?)

How do we check that we’re changing the world in the way we intended?

Or (maybe more realistically) how do we know how we are changing the world?


Everyone changes the world. The world changes everyone.

There’s a whole load of intersecting cultural and social bullshit that makes different capacities for world changing deeply problematic. That makes me angry (if I have enough energy).

I am queer, anarchist, feminist. I couldn’t begin to answer those questions without those identities. They are the reason for asking, and will be language of answering.


Complexity. I keep saying that I have so much to say about this. It is still true. It is getting clearer. Maybe my next post will make a start. I just know it will take a while so I’m putting it off. Terrible plan.


2 thoughts on “Changing the world

  1. First things first… Make it easy for yourself… What subject/topic area do you want to work in? What will be your research questions? Can you justify them from published research? What will be your arising research aims and objectives based on these questions? Can you justify those too? 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your questions. I really did think a lot about them when you posted. I think what my post and your reply helped me to realise is that a) this is essentially my project and b) its not necessarily going to go the way of a formal research project. I’m not at all sure I want to dive into a University to do this work, although I am spending a lot of time still thinking about that, and just one afternoon a week noseying in on a masters program. I will do a proper update at some point, though it might not be soon.

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