Intersectionality & Systems Thinking

This is why I think complexity & systems thinking is a good lens to look through when thinking about intersectionality:

If we realize there is a problem and refuse to participate in its solution, we will become accomplices from that point forward, even if we did not cause it. If, in addition to refusing to participate in the solution, we choose to blame others for the problem and demand that they solve it for us, the situation will certainly worsen. Further, if everyone chooses to behave in the same way, the problem will become chronic and cause additional complications. The key to get out of this vicious cycle is to take responsibility for solving the problem, not necessarily the problem itself.

The quote is from Louis E Romero, summarising the 11 Laws of Systems Thinking , originally outlined by Peter Senge in his book The 5th Discipline.

I hope to post a proper blog post on this soon, but I just had to get this out there and its too long to fit in a tweet.

Is anyone out there thinking about intersectionality via complexity? It would make my day to talk to you if you are.


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