In the summer I spent weeks at a time with groups of young people at an activity centre out in the sticks. At no point in the week did they have signal for their phones, or access to a computer. They all (including the staff) found this varying degrees of difficult.

I love ICT for lots of reasons, and would happily embed it sometimes. 

But sometimes taking it out of peoples lives is just as educational, just as eye-opening, just as important as finding new ways to engage with it. Sometimes I think its much more important. 

Some of the young people most struggling with the lack of ICT on those weeks admitted that it was good to get away from it for a while. 

On that same project I supported someone who really struggled with literacy. I know that making sure they could participate without having to stress about reading and writing meant their talents shone through the barriers. Identifying that barrier and my part in their working around it is one of my greatest achievements. 


2 thoughts on “Unbedding

  1. I feel similarly about ICT, i have a love-hate relationship with it, which is why my angle is more the social use of it rather than technology for the sake of it, it’s not necessarily a good thing but i can be if used right. I helped a chap write his CV today, register it online, create an email account and with these little things (overwhelming to him) he will continue to get the benefits he needs and won’t be turfed out of his flat. Now that is technology working right. I do crave that zero technology environment though where all you have is your mind. I bet that would terrify most folks today.

  2. Wow, that does sound like a brilliant use of ICT, and a great reason for him to get those skills. Though a world that expects you to be computer literate or have your benefits cut probably needs some unbedding too!
    I think what we learnt (or were reminded of) this summer is that without technology (well computer technology) that feeling you describe of just having your mind quickly became you and the people around you’s minds… its team building!

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