My thought on embedding: 

If policy writers had the confidence to know that I was being taught how to teach, they would trust me enough to not have to remind me to embed anything.

My background assumptions:

I am teaching my learners something they want or need to learn.

We talk about what, how, why they are learning. 

I am concious of their barriers to that learning, and helping them to overcome them, in whatever way fits, as far as I’m able, and where I’m not able, to find others who might be. 

I am suspicious of people who try to tell me that specific things should be universally applied. Even if they are as important and pervasive as language or numbers. Humans are not generic. Nobody knows what I need until they’ve met me at the very least.



2 thoughts on “Embedding

  1. Yes definitely. Although I I think I’ll probably come to think about it in different less defensive(!) ways now I’ve got that off my chest. I suppose its really about knowing your reasons for embedding certain things. I still don’t trust the motives of those writing policy, on the same lines as I think you mentioned in class. But I think I could come up with my own reasons for embedding all sorts of things.
    Thanks for the comments 🙂 Blogging is a lonely business when you don’t think anyone’s listening!

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